Montana Roofing Contractors Assocation - Scholarship Program


The Montana Roofing Contractors Association has raised
more than $40,000 in scholarhips since it was established
in 1988. These Cameron Sauter Memorial Scholarship
help our members' families pay for college.

Cameron Sauter Memorial Scholarship

The Montana Roofing Association started their annual scholarship fund in 1994 to invest in the future of the roofing industry in the state of Montana. Since the scholarship fund was established, the Montana Roofing Association has given away over $45,000 in scholarships. The scholarship is open to any MRA Members and their families and employees. In 2013 we lost a key partner and one of the founders of the scholarship fund, Cameron Sauter. Cameron was a past President of the then Montana Roofing Contractors Association and worked for Empire Heating and Cooling in Billings, Montana. It was brought to the Attention of the Board to change the name of the Scholarship Fund to the “Cameron Sauter Memorial Scholarship”.

This year’s past winners were Jake Bradford, and Casey Johns. Each winner got a $1250.00 scholarship towards their education at the Collegiate level. This year’s applicants must have their applications postmarked by April 17, 2017 to MRA Office.




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